About me

Every writer needs a pair of The Raven writing gloves.

I’m a word nerd based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Like most wordsmiths, my interest in all things writing manifested at a very young age. My goal of becoming a best-selling author evolved into a career in journalism, and I eventually obtained a degree in communications and diploma in creative communications.

A communications professional by day, I’ve been writing for and editing magazines for more than a decade. But magazines aren’t my only specialty—I love writing, period. You’ll often find me hunched over a notepad or keyboard, furiously jotting down my latest idea. I enjoy reading about grammar rules and writing techniques, and I’m the go-to writer and proofer for friends and family, skills that have translated into a successful freelance business. I also teach a freelance writing class at a local college.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading (natch), watching B-list zombie movies and spending time with my husband and three (yes, three) cats.